Busy Mind, Deceptive Heart preview week 5


“Marriage teaches us that even the most intimate human companionship cannot satisfy the deepest places of the heart. Our hearts are lonely ‘til they rest in Him” –Elisabeth Elliot in Lonliness

Tonight we will discuss the alabaster box that contains all of our hopes, dreams, & priorities and challenge ourselves to fill it with the desires of our heart and recklessly abandon our box before Jesus. We will recall much of Ruth’s journey (our study of Ruth here) as we discuss what it looks like to completely surrender.

offerings::what do you need to walk away from? Why do you need to walk away? You will need help. How will you get help walking away? How will you stick with your abandonment?

rememberance::what Truth do you need to tuck deep inside of your heart? What did you hear tonight that resonates with you but is difficult for you to believe? How will you remind yourself of these Truths? Will you choose to believe God?


Busy Mind, Deceptive Heart


It’s already time for another DGroup at our house! Busy Mind, Deceptive Heart meets tomorrow (Thurs Sept 18) at the Sharp’s. If you need directions or have questions, email me at sharp.mrs@gmail.com or catch me on facebook!

Tomorrow night we’ll be looking at the picture perfect love story of Ruth & Boaz. We’ve talked about some heavy and weighty topics the last few weeks, this week we’ll take a breath and dive into a refreshing story of obedience, love, and noble character. Come talk with us as we discuss our hopes & dreams for our future relationships and apply our discussion to our current relationships. Looking forward to seeing you!