Manic Monday->Evernote Sanity

I shared a little last week about how I use my Happy Planner. I love pretty things. Pens, paper, stickers, decorating, etc. It’s time consuming sometimes. Sometimes I need to be able to jot it down while I’m on the go and I also need to be able to share information with my husband immediately. I also need a safe place in the techno world to save vast amounts of information that is shareable with other places in the techno world. 

My husband loves Evernote. He uses his for so many different tasks, parts of life, jobs, notes, etc that it’s like a living log of his life that will forever record everything about him. He sold me on Evernote. 

I have used it for everything from homeschool planning, task lists for my children to check off themselves, grocery lists, our budget, files for pictures of our children’s artwork (that we can then trash!), planning my business classes and parties, and a safe place to store functional ideas from Pinterest. It’s a one stop shop. All saved. 

It also has a handy feature where I can create notebooks that can be stacked and notes within the notebooks. Um, organizing junkie dream. 

If you haven’t looked into Evernote, there is a minimal version for free and I’ve survived on that alone for 3 years. It’s worth a shot! 

My husband utilizes Evernote so well, I decided it was a great place to share love notes! I created a note and shared it with him. He doesn’t have to keep up with cards and such, and I can post cute graphics to go along with my notes! 

We have some serious health issues, so we also keep track of our medical visits, tests, results, bills, etc in Evernote. 

It’s become a one place stop for all of our records.  

Here’s a screen shot of an overview list when I click on notes. I can save pictures, notes, links, etc. It also has an option to “pin” from the web!


Manic Monday>Planning with Giveaway


Keeping It All Together

I have spent most of my adult life changing, re-arranging, re-organizing, over-complicating, and re-creating the wheel in regards to planning.

I try a new planner, I purge in every area of my life, I create labels upon labels, and tear rooms apart, all in hopes of finding a system that works for me.

I got a REALLY expensive planner one time. The first item I wrote in it, it was to schedule a  hair appointment for 10:00 am. I dropped my boys off at my mother’s at 10:15 am because, in my head, the appointment was at 10:30 am.

What in the world does a planner do for me if I don’t ACTUALLY look at it to check out my day? 

What Keeps Monday Alive

I don’t have the planner life down. Here’s what I do know, I’ve found one that is completely customizable! It’s called The Happy Planner and is available at my favorite store, Michael’s! (I purchased mine at Hobby Lobby before Michael’s started carrying this brand).


What I also love about this planner, is the massive amount of accessories & items available to make it very personal and custom. I’ve purchased a Home Kit (budget, meal planning, cleaning schedule, and notes section) as well as folders, notes pages, and extra covers which I’ll explain later the purpose of those!

planner kit

I purchased the extra covers and folders along with new rings to build my very own planner! I wanted to make one for my personal business (Young Living and blogging organization). It has been maybe I favorite! I also made another planner for my Bible journaling. It’s pure joy to have all of these planners that serve every purpose without having to sacrifice something in order to have just what is offered from a company.

The Happy Planner Punch

Happy Planner_Punch

The Happy Planner Folders

folder planner

Happy Planner Rings/Discs

planner rings

There are so many more spectacular items available at Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, and of course The Happy Planner Site (they have a Teacher Planner EEK!!!)

As I mentioned, I really enjoy using one of my personally created planners, for my Bible journaling. I scoured Pinterest, (you can follow my board Bible Time Board as well as my Keeping It Together board about Organization) in order to find valuable resources that are helpful as well as practical (and thrifty!).

Here is a wonderful resource for Bible journaling in your planner until I can share more of mine:: Bible Journaling in a Planner

The Most Important Task

The most important tasks in my planner? KEEP THE PLANNER OPEN ON A SURFACE. I know that is probably common sense to most of you, but if I keep it tucked away, organized with other things, or out of reach, I will not look at it. Also, the most important items on my to-do list:: Bible time, school time for the boys, cleaning schedule, prompts to encourage my husband, and meal planning.

How Do You Routine

I would love to hear suggestions and hacks for how you live this life in a more structured way. I’m still a work in progress. My husband is an Evernote machine. I use Evernote and definitely use it to share items with him, but I’m a planner girl. I love pretty things. What are your top 3 items that help to keep you sane? 

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**Disclaimer** I was not paid, endorsed, or commissioned by any of the above companies or corporations. I just love these products and want to share how they’re working for me!!

Michael’s is having a HUGE sale today for Memorial Day so it would be a super time to go grab a planner and accessories! Check their site or app for coupons!

peace maker & joy keeper


We had a very busy first week back into fall schedule. Tuesday night Portico, Wednesday night family nights at FBC, Thursday morning mops & Thursday night DGroup at our house all while maintaining normalcy in our home with meals, naps, shopping, play time, etc. It wasn’t overwhelming. I wasn’t anxious. Brady kept the focus in front of us & the peace and joy at home. Most of you mommas do this all the time. This was my first week of this busy lifestyle with two littles since having Drake.

Holt was born last November so his early days were spent celebrating holidays and staying cuddled up at home. By the time he got to a place to enjoy being out of the carrier and relating to people, school was almost out for summer break and church activities were winding down for summer.

Now, at 9 months, we carry him everywhere and he’s crawling. He’s eating table food and will still go for some baby food. He wants to be everywhere Drake is and do whatever his older brother is doing. He’s all over the house and let’s me know his frustration if I limit his boundaries. So, with chores to do and to-do list tasks mountings, I’m once again approaching my “priorities” evaluation with The Lord and myself. He won’t be into everything for long. It’s a short time to really soak up and watch him develop while trying to be just like Drake.

Both of my boys got sick this week. And then Brady. And now me. But we’re doing what you do when the sickies try to set up shop. Medicine, fluids, sleep, Lysol. And cuddles….lots of cuddles. That’s how we ALL got sick! But not too many snuggles-these boys don’t slow down for much.

And during this whole journey of testing the waters this week with a busy schedule, Brady made sure he spent time at home, helped me clean and prepare, played with the boys, did some night nights and nap times, and got everything prepared and rolling for his ministry. Incredible.

Tonight we plan and meet about a new facet of our ministry. There will be more on that later. I’m so humbled that Brady still chooses me every day. He wants to see me. He wants to spend time with me. He tells the boys positive things about me daily. He trusts me with aspects of our ministry that are very close to my heart. He asks me important advice and opinions on where he’s going with his ministry. All of those actions speak to me his love and his value of me. Love is a choice and a risk. He does this well and with intention.

What a sweet Friday it is as we prepare to open a new area in our ministry and head to Salt Lake City tomorrow with a group from our church to join Bobby Wood and his family and Redemption Church for their first church service in Ogden, Utah.