Starting Early

It’s not quite January yet, but with the loot we got for Christmas-it’s time to reconsider how I have our home organized.


We have several different areas for our boys throughout our house. We very much want our home to be welcoming and not completely overrun with toys. We try. To make these areas attractive to the kiddos, but blend into out home.

I will post a home tour this week of our different areas for the kids. For today, here are a few first steps to our organization.


I am addicted to Melissa & Doug toys. I’m an educator at heart and love the learning aspect of these toys. I also love that I can integrate playful elements like these toys into our homeschool. Another bonus, their first is quiet activities for their bedrooms. The only drawback of M&D toys is that they come packaged in wooden boxes without lids. That makes them clumsy to stack & easy to lose parts. These IRIS scrapbook cases go on sale at Michaels frequently.


This is just one small area of our playroom. We are keeping it simple and adding a few elements of change over a few days so I can train them in keeping it picked up. This cubby stores our big play sets with their accessories in gladware in the bins under eat each set. There is a Paw Patrol look out tower with the dogs & their transportation in the bin underneath. An Imaginext Rescue City with its TONS of accessories in a gladware and 3 vehicles in the bin under it. There is an Octopod and all of its accessories in a bin underneath. We will be adding to the other cubbies soon. For now, this keeps them busy cleaning up and putting away after dinner.


We have a LOT of sensory materials. This is our newest. Kinetic sand! It’s incredible. We got several different colors and definitely want to keep them separate. The top part has some little molds we were given with the sand. I also pull out the cookies cutters and play dough accessories.


And lastly and most importantly, our homeschool area!!! The shelves are from ikea and are attached to the wall. The bins are from ikea. The center is from Lakeshore Learning. This is the hub where all of our literacy and math is stored. Alpha pops, matching, games, all craft supplies, and curriculum.

I hope you enjoyed this! Leave a comment if you were inspired. I’ll be posting more of our home as well as areas where some of this is stored. We’re joining our boys’ bedrooms this January, so everything in their rooms is getting a shift!


how a 3 year old changes people







Photo Credit: Allie Saville

We had so much fun taking Family pictures for Christmas and Holt’s one year pictures. Of course, Drake joined in the Holt lovin’ fun and we love how much they play! ALL THE TIME! He was a character during family pictures and is truly a sweet little boy who puts the awe in our hearts of parenting.

Some things to know about Drake’s second year!

He LOVES Disney shows…we went from him not being able to sit still for a show to begging to watch “Doc McStuffins, Sophia the First, Mickey Mouse, Daniel Tiger, Word Girl, Super Why, Curious George, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Cat in the Hat” I mean it’s crazy! And I’m now part of the parenting world where we sing all the songs ALL day and find ourselves still watching Disney when they’re napping and in bed!

He has asked “why?” since he was exactly 2. He started the week before his birthday last year asking “why?” I was absolutely appalled.

He adores playing outside

He loves his grandparents! I mean, BEGS to see them and visit them and have them over. I LOVE IT. I love that he gets to see them on a regular basis.

He is a pretending machine! He tells us what is pretend and loves playing!

Drake loves breakfast.

He loves chocolate milk, sprite, sweet tea, water, and fruit!

He loves his dadda more than anyone or anything on this planet 🙂 He tries to dress like him, wrestle like him, look like him, talk like him, eat like him….anything! And I wouldn’t want him to seek to be like anyone else on this earth besides his dadda!

He still calls us momma and dadda and I hope he does for a LONG time.

Drake is a very smart 3 year old. I’m aware that all parents think their children are brilliant. So whether it’s normal preference or an actual observation of his abilities and learning capability, I’m not sure. But he has been saying his abc’s since 18 months and can now spell his name and Holt’s name and other sight words, he has known his shapes since 18 months (even octagon which he pronounced octologon for a while!), He can sing and loves to play on instruments. He has had songs and books and stories memorized since before he turned 2. He has 3 bible verses memorized. I’m so proud of him, not because of what he can do, but because of his desire and eagerness to learn and grow. We love him and are so thankful for the journey of parenting our first born.