On being rooted like a tree

So many of my ideas really do start with good intentions. The threats of others opinions, fear of failure, distraction from more important priorities, and laziness are but a few of many excuses & road blocks to following through with my good intentions. 

As a senior in high school, I felt deeply motivated to follow through with my inquiries of others. If someone was hurting, confused, frustrated, lonely, or even on a mountain top high, I wanted to be the one to encourage their spirit. If I asked, I would continue to check in. If there was a need, I wanted to meet it and continue being a place of provision and comfort. I quickly learned that this wasn’t a task I could complete on my own. This was a learning curve in my walk with Christ, and my walk was a fresh one. I began a sanctifying (being very challenged and refined) process of understanding what it means to be like Christ as well as share Him. It was very uncomfortable. I started missing opportunities and letting people down. It seemed very ironic that in the midst of seeking the only Perfect man and pursing to be like Him, I would actually start feeling disappointed. There are an array of reasons why that happened (and still happens). I started seeing my own needs, and that really got in the way of meeting the needs of others because I began to feel caught up in my own shortcomings. The Lord told me on a few occasions to not meet needs, and that felt wrong, but He knew better. I learned that sometimes we meet the needs He reveals, versus the ones seen by our fleshly eyes. I had to learn that, because I was inadvertently becoming a crutch in the lives of those I was trying to help. I started seeing that walking like Christ and trying to be like Him required complete surrender. 

I think once I started to “master” (that is just such a human way to describe my misunderstanding) how to process through meeting the needs of others, I began to see serious insecurities and needs of my own. This process has continued and evolved. I will elaborate on that in a future post. 

Coming to a place of surrender has been a combination of learning spiritual disciplines as well as a life-giving lesson in standing firm. A wonderful aid (beyond my life-source itself::the Holy Bible) has been “Living by the Book” by Dr. Howard Hendricks, “Celebration of Discipline” by Richard Foster, and 2 very crucial verses. One has always been a life verse for me 1 Corinthians 15:58 and a newer addition for me has been Psalm 1.

I hope you have a moment to look into Scripture today. Even if you read one verse, our hearts know how to tuck Truth so deeply inside that it will always be a place of trust, faith, and courage in Christ. Being rooted means we go much deeper than what appears on the surface. Plant your heart deep today in Truth and trust in the One who gives such abundant life that we won’t quickly wither. 

When I shared with my oldest son that I was learning to be planted like a tree, he told me he loved the trees in his grandparents front yard. So here is a picture of my boys looking very courageous 😍



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