Inspiring Christmas

We had a Christmas open house for our church leaders & volunteers.  It was a good time to freshen up & change some things in our home. We had chocolate brown walls, and I’m kind of shocked at all of the “oh I loved your brown wall” comments we’ve received. However, the following comments are usually “but I do love this new color!”. Our first change was a new color for the front room! 

Then we moved and updated our “S” wall. It can’t really called that because I only returned one “S” and made it more of a Christmas wall this time. 

Next, we put our IKEA picture ledges back up but I went with more Christmas decor instead of pictures. Also, I added some festive banner and garland!

I still have a few things to add. 

I had purged and given away so much that this hand built (by my talented husband) furniture was completely empty! So it was fun to temporarily decorate with Christmas duds!


Adding to the mantle is always a delight! I change it up every year. 


These and are handmade stocking that my mother in law helped me create a few years ago. They are still a treasure to me 😍
I updated a beautiful shelf as well as created memories with my boys while we assembled our Nativity. 

And last, but not least, our front windows and tree!



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