A Celebration of Handmade 


 I have to share these adorable shirts my boys are show casing here. 

There is a delightful vintage mercantile in downtown Wichita Falls, TX called Alley Cat. I have some beautiful handmade items left over from our sale this summer that were donated for our sale with the prayer we would raise some money to help with out medical bills. We did make a lovely dent in those bills, but could continue to use funds. I envisioned this sale based on my MS diagnosis and continual tests and medicines required. This sale happened before my husband’s diagnosis and surgery for his ankle even happened so we have used those funds, thankfully with God’s provision! 

So I paid a small booth fee and set up all of my items at Alley Cat! While I was walking through the 4 stories of antiques, handmade, & vintage delights, I came across a shop called “little h creative”. Oh my stars. These shirts were among the goodies. Prints, sewn items, shirts, galore. Go check her out on Instagram and Facebook!  I love having Christmas shirts for my boys that are easy and not over the top dressy. And they love dressing like some of their favorite young adults at our church and on our staff 😂

little h creative https://www.facebook.com/littlehcreative/


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