The Way of Life 

I have several of the kindest & most thoughtful friends & family. 
One text me yesterday afternoon & said ok, what CAN you eat 😆

She showed up at my house today with all kinds of “compliant” flours, cooking oil, she even read labels and found me a few snacks! 

We went to pick up my nephew yesterday and all the boys had ice cream. My mom handed me a snack that I could have that she sought out when thinking of me at the store. 

I just think it’s incredibly loving to think of someone in the midst of your every day life. I love giving & receiving gifts and sometimes feel guilty that it probably SEEMS somewhat materialistic to others. It’s not. It’s how God created my heart. This also reveals that it doesn’t have to be riches. A gift can be an item that meets a need or tells someone “we’re in this together”. 

My husband’s gift has been texting me when he’s eating out and telling me what he’s eating—because it’s only things I’m eating also. His gift is walking this out with me. 

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This is our new way of life. My doctor said no gluten, no dairy, and check out the autoimmune diet. He didn’t prescribe it or demand it. When he said those words, I resolved that I was going to do this and I was going to do it now. I wasn’t going to wait until I was really sick and then have to rely on my husband or parents or friends to make this diet work. 

A small part of my deceitful heart wishes I had made that decision once I knew more about this diet! Some of you have asked, I’ve recieved messages offering recipes, and even a lot of offers for supplements, etc. the doctor’s other request was that I not use anything to ramp up my immune system. Since its attacking me, I probably shouldn’t fuel its power. So I will decline any offers concerning those things at this time, but might look into it in the future! 

So the autoimmune diet is paleo on steroids. Well, it’s paleo extended.  A very small rundown is this::

No grains, no dairy, no night shades (vegetables that create a protective skin like potatoes, tomatoes, peppers) and any spices derived thereof (cumin, paprika), no eggs, no caffeine, no beans, no nuts, no legumes, no soy, & no sugar (no guar gum, etc), no seeds (you would be surprised how many purely organic items contain sunflower oil from sunflower seeds!) 

There are several wonderful resources (thankfully we all now have blogs & Pinterest!) that I’ve been accumulating while we purge our pantry & accumulate the foods we can eat.  We are still maintaining the way of life we’ve had for the boys, for now. They will ease into it as they eat our meals and continue to put away the fruit they love. As I learn to not only cook these meals from scratch, I’m also learning to just….cook. I have a few snacks but if we want any type of dessert or sweetness, it takes work. 

I know many of you have radically changed your diet a long time ago. I’m sharing this with a broad audience who has asked me, personally, about my new diet. The idea is to complete this for 30 days and slowly reintroduce items. I’ve already accidentally eaten cheese and it didn’t go well. 

As I purged our pantry, my best friend and husband told me “now we can eat what we need and not what we want”. This has been the most emotional, educational, convicting, and eye opening experience. When I have  changed my diet because I wanted to be healthier, lose weight, etc I feel like I’ve failed or even had success but it was flippant because it was my choice. This has been hard because failure isn’t an option in my heart. Making a. Is take isn’t a choice (like if you’re allergic to a food! You have a reaction and know that food WILL hurt you). The impending “what if this food is hurting my body” looms in my mind and heart and calls me to a rich awareness of my responsibility. 

I’m a steward. God has entrusted much to me. The first time I really evaluated stewardship was when I had my first son. He is not MY possession. He’s entrusted me by the Lord to disciple, care for, nourish, enrich, and love. The same is true with anything entrusted to us. 

I’m not sure why He chose a disease at all or much less one that could potentially tear body down (praise the Lord I’m fine right now!) but I do know He has given me salvation and with that salvation comes an eagerness and immediacy to know Him more. To know Him more is to become more like Him. To be like Him is to take whatever trial and offer the heartache and glory back to Him as a sacrifice. Not my will be done, but His. If His will for my life includes crazy food that I’ve never wanted to try or cook, but means I might extend the quality of my life to enjoy and be a support to my family longer, I’m in. 

Jesus, I’m all in. 
To know more about this diet, visit The Paleo Mom here! It’s a great resource where she explains the extension of paleo and why for autoimmunity. 


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