What I’ve Learned From My Husband

What I’ve learned from my husband since he’s become a father–


Grace abounds. God gives more grace than we can measure, understand, or replicate ourselves. It’s free. It also changes the giver. 

When patience runs thin, give grace-to yourself, your spouse, and your children. Running our lives everyday while nurturing, investing, and educating our children is draining & wonderful. When the days seem to take too long, he reminds me to just give myself grace bc I’ve usually already poured it upon my children.

He has taught me what it means to not only accept myself for who God has made me, but to embrace it & celebrate it because it honors The Lord. He doesn’t make mistakes. My husband has taught me that by realizing this and walking in it, I’m exemplifying Truth to our boys which will help them Trust The Lord and embrace themselves as His creation. When I’m down on myself and critical of myself, my boys watch and hear. Our children model what they hear us say and begin to doubt the Truth we’ve sought so diligently to plant in their hearts. 

My husband has taught me how to play. He has taught me he value of being light hearted and engaging my children in play. I feel guilty (but see what I have learned above) when I think on how my nature would have raised my boys without my husband around to lead me. I would not have taken them outside, I would not have taken them to parks, I wouldn’t wrestle with them, I wouldn’t play….he has taught me that to be a parent is to enjoy life & to love my people bigger and bolder than my comfort. 

I feel a deep responsibility and accountability to steward the gift of motherhood well. Through Christ I have found many gifts and callings within myself towards mothering. My husband enriches them, speaks to them, and invests in them regularly. 

He has also taught me that parenting isn’t a calling we answer to just our children, but to those who come into our lives hungering and needy for grace, leadership, authority, love, and family. He was spiritually investing into many before we had our own children. 

I’m so grateful for a more rich, intimate relationship with my husband since we’ve become parents. 

I love you and Humbled can’t fully describe my heart when it ponders your choice in me for a wife and your great investment as a father.