I joined a new group this week. 

  My husband has been in and out of the hospital the last two weeks with kidney stones. Poor guy! On top of his “normal” pain with thoracic discs that are bulging all over his spine, he had pain with these stones that I hear is equal to child birth! Except I had an epidural for that! He had a procedure done that involved a stint and blasting the stone and then had that removed once the stone passed. He’s a trooper! 

Right before this all happeded, I had some progressive migraines, lost vision in my left eye (again, but not as long as the first time) & started experiencing numbness in my right side. I went to see my ophthalmologist again and he referred me back to neurologist (this was actually before the numbness started). 

I wasn’t very vocal about all of this and didn’t share with many. It really happened so quickly and we were thrust into so many appointments that I was just waiting to know if there was anything actually happening. I honestly expected him to say I had bulging discs somewhere! 

He ordered a triple study MRI (brain, neck, and thoracic) with and without contrast. They warned me it would be a long mri. Well, their definition of long and my definition are different. It took 3 1/2 hours to do without. When they started to line me up and shoot me up with contrast, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I felt like such a wimp, but was assured that no one does all of that in one day. So I went back 2 weeks later for the contrast mris. 

My follow up appt was this week (the day after my husband’s stint removal procedure!) the neurologist asked me the same 1,000 questions about symptoms (still numb!) and then took us to his office to show us mris. The brain and thoracic regions were fine. 

Then he showed us lesions. That word scared me. In my spinal cord in the cervical mris there were 3 lesions. There was a lot of talk after that, but his diagnosis is MS. Multiple Sclerosis. So he’s referring me to UT Southwestern where they an MS department filled with researchers and doctors who look at this every day. 

He said they may want to do another lumbar puncture 😫 no thank you!!! 

We’re thankful for answers. MS has come a long way and it is not fatal. It’s unpredictable and can come and go whenever. My lesions can heal and never relapse or relapse several times a year. There’s no way to know. We will wait to learn more from our visit to UTSW and symptoms as they come. 
Thank you for reading about our news. We’re still talking through the gravity & unknown of this. I can say the greatest result of the physical derailments in our lives has been the nearness to one another my husband and I have experienced as well as how much more we’ve drawn to the Lord. Nothing comes into our lives that hasn’t passed through His hands. He’s always Soveriegn & always in control!