12 Days of Christmas with OILs

I have something special starting today! It’s the 12 Days of Christmas with Young Living essential oils. I will be posting opportunities to enter giveaways, essential oil education, & fun games for the next 2 weeks.

There are multiple access points to joining in the fun!

My Facebook page, my Facebook group (just request an add), and here on the blog!


Here’s your chance to enter for today!

First entry! Post a status about your favorite oil, blend, or combination and why it’s a favorite (on your personal fb). If you haven’t started with Young Living oils yet, post on your personal fb page that you’re wishing for oils this Christmas. Then link back to this post. In the comments section here, tell me you shared!
Example:: I’m so thankful for my lavender, lemon, & peppermint oil trio for allergies! {link to wifemomandthensome}


Keep watching the blog!


One thought on “12 Days of Christmas with OILs

  1. Hey!!! I want to give oils for Christmas and was wanting some information! Can you email me when you get a second. I honestly don’t know where to start in gifting these oils!

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