stretching time

I am super amazed (although I don’t know why) at how the Lord has stretched & multiplied my time & effort. I have the honor of being involved in some really great opportunities this year as well as leading several.

My beautiful (and very organized friend) Sarah (her great blog here at saidijoCalendar_0) has shared with me some nice tips to help me get some thing under control so that I don’t have to be at the computer all day and can enjoy my kiddos and keep my house kept 😉 I have challenged myself to try these thing instead of asking her to do it—social media stuff—-bc it’s super tempting and she would probably say yes!

My very wise husband who is sensitive to the best way to approach me, has made a few suggestions about how to organize so many thing at one time. His suggestions have kept me from cramming the day of events/classes/functions bc I have them all planned out and organized in one place. We have worked to think through every aspect that is needed and required (whether it’s my “area” of expertise or I need to find someone!) and he never stepped on my toes (even if I am easily offended at times).

That was a long post to say that we can learn new things and we can incorporate them into our lives. I have made and created several things that I thought were perfect that just didn’t work.

This gets down even to our alone time with the Lord. We have to keep going until we find a time, structure, etc that works for us and allows us the most potential out of our efforts.


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