sphere of existence

today i saw a plea from a few different people on facebook. it was a request for prayer for a mutual friend who was having a brain tumor removed today. and i’m upset my flat iron bit the dust. i mean really.

i went on with my day. my husband took the boys to my parents, where they go every tuesday morning. around lunch my mother in law picks them up and they spend the day with my in laws. after they take the boys to dinner, they bring the boys home. it’s my day “off”.

i take a LONG time to get ready and enjoy no interruptions. today was a day i realized in this process i was out of a LOT of toiletries, make-up, beauty items, etc. i started pondering how and if i would be able to replace those with where we are in our budget.

i have no idea why or how the Lord pricked my heart, but He did.

she’s having a brain tumor removed. i was brushing my hair and looked in the mirror as to ask myself, “who? what are you thinking about?!”

then i remembered the few posts i saw about this woman. so i stopped and prayed.

i prayed. intentionally. fervently. for her, her husband, if she had children…healing, recovery.

not only did i want to pray for her. but i wanted to honor her testimony. she and her family are going through something so hard. if and when i go through hard things i ABSOLUTELY want others to be encouraged. i want the gospel to be very present. i want the gospel spoken and experienced.

we are humbled and faithful when we LET others impact us. when we open our hearts and let someone’s story speak to us. everyone’s sphere of existence is useful. it is meant to be used. there is purpose to my sphere of existence. if i desperately want others to benefit from my story, i most definitely want to be accountable to let their story and journey speak to me and stir my affections for Christ.

so i’m still praying for her. i don’t know her or her family. but we have mutual friends on facebook. i just saw an update that she is doing well. praise the Lord.

don’t worry about being involved, even if it’s just through proximity, in someone’s life. don’t worry that it will be messy. relationships are messy. walking with Jesus and seeking to be like Him is messy. that’s where the joy comes from, He chooses us.


One thought on “sphere of existence

  1. Thank you for praying! She is a friend, her husband works with mine. Yes, she is a mother to a little boy about the same age as Drake. Thank you for praying for her and her family.

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