a bum eye & the aftermath

i was finally in town and without scheduling conflicts to make it to the neurologist for the follow up appt to my lumbar puncture. I had to reschedule the original appt because we made an unplanned trip to Colorado for my grandfather’s funeral. I wasn’t all that worried. Call me too trusting, but if the results required immediate attention, I assumed (I know. Risky business) that I would have been notified immediately. 


Here’s  a quick summary. He was looking for 3 markers. Only one came back that “usually” indicates multiple sclerosis. and that indicator was negative in the blood work. 

So he’s planning to call UT Southwestern, where they have a neuro dept that specializes in MS, to ask about my eye manifestation as it might relate to MS and the markers in the spinal fluid.

He definitely does not want to diagnose MS with such little evidence and gave me the freedom without being offended to seek out UT South for a second opinion.

We’ll wait to hear about his consultation with them to decide if we’ll continue to investigate. There are a lot of avenues that could come from them or a simple wait and see if more symptoms appear.

I’m okay with this. If we’ve learned anything from our recent history, it’s that doctors can’t fix everything, we put too much hope in them, and prayer fixes everything (including our hearts). I’m confident with the doctors we have and will continue to pray for direction as they advise us and ultimately praying for healing.

Thank you for walking this journey with us!


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