Pushing back

When I became a believer of Jesus Christ, the instructions were to read the Holy Bible & pray. Sometimes my flesh does well with one of those or both. But, in reality, they were directions because they most certainly needed to become disciplines. Since the fall of man, those of us who seek the likeness of Christ, have had to push back the voices of the enemy & the lavish attempts he makes at our souls. Deep groaning & waling can be felt and heard in the aches of our hearts as we walk through moments that feel like eternity that are far more daunting than the pictures of life we imagined for ourself. Then we look back, with sanctified perspective, and see the beauty. We see the stretching that took place to create a far more tender and sensitive spirit in us. We see the wisdom gained and applied as we were pushed beyond our limits to serve and care for another. We experience the intimacy with a Father who drew nearer, as promised, in the midst of our anguish and disappointment. We feel the disgust for the enemy’s attempts on our heart as we pushed back his drawing towards depression, anger, & frustration. The looking back is the opportunity for reflection that produces the inner strength to face the pivots & pulls ordained for the future. A broken heart & a contrite spirit….



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