Garage Sale to benefit…our medical bills


We will be having a garage sale on Saturday October 5, 2013 from 6 am until whenever. We did this the March following Brady’s hospitalization and several trips to the metroplex to have tests done.

Since that time, he has had many injections, more MRI’s, and a trip to the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix Arizona (you can see those posts here regarding our journey and here about our mayo clinic trip and here about our mayo clinic trip) that brought no answers, results, or treatment.

We have some more options we can pursue (not including the healing we pray for everyday). We feel convicted and responsible to pay for these endeavors we’ve already pursued before making more.

As we did before, we will be taking donations of items you are getting rid of anyway or would like to donate to us.

Please know, we have utilized all of our assets that we were so diligent to acquire and save prior to this season. I have started subbing to help pay these expenses also. We have wonderful insirance, but that doesn’t cover airfare and hotel and other expenses for traveling. Thank you for praying for us, loving us, & supporting us. We know there is an answer and healing. Brady always prays that He would use this until He’s done, & then take it away.

If you would like to bring donations, please email me at, facebook, or I will provide you my phone number if you contact me in one of those ways. Thank you again for loving us. We are blessed!


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