always working

Imagethat’s Who God is…He’s always working. i posted earlier about our garage sale. (you can read that by clicking on “garage sale”)

here’s another way we are being supported.

this is an event a sweet friend has posted on facebook and will manage through her thirty-one site.


Here’s a copy of the information posted in the event::

Brady along with his wife Melissa serve as the College Pastor at FBCWF. They have two sons; Drake (3) and Holt (10 Months).

Brady has suffered from chronic pain since January 2012. He has had testing done here, Dallas, and has been to the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, AZ all with little to no answers. They have multiple confirmations the pain is generated by disc herniation’s in his thoracic spine (to this point they’ve been told they’re inoperable in that area of the spine.) They have other avenues to pursue medically, but are convicted and responsible to take care of their current expenses first.

This event was made to bless the Sharp’s in any way that you can. I am a Thirty-One consultant and thought it would be a great idea to host this fundraiser to help them out! They have been a huge blessing to mine and my husband’s life. I will be donating 20% of my commission that I will make off of everyone’s orders through my 31 website. Attached is the link to the event. If you have ANY questions on how to order or anything else please feel free to message me. Let’s pray for them and help them financially as much as you can!

Here is the link to the event..


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