Two Hearts, One Flesh week 3 preview



Whether you are engaged, newly married, or married for 50 years, there are some principles that are not so common in keeping a marriage healthy, goal-oriented, and require a vision.

Tonight, we’ll be discussing (be prepared to talk!) some of these principles and dreaming big in order to take these thoughts, goals, visions, and dreams back to our men. Our prayer tonight will be one of humility and love as we seek to help spark our husband’s heart even more in his relationship with Christ, us, co-workers, and peers. We want to be an agent of growth for our families, which requires some observation and sensitivity at times. Let’s be vulnerable and look into the lives of our men. What are their interests? What are their fears? What excites them? What motivates their spirit? What stirs their affections for Christ? We’ll also incorporate some discussion on the following.

1. As a couple, do something ___________________ than yourself.

2. As a couple, _________________________ together.

3. As a couple, __________________________ peers & _________________ in others.

4. As a couple, _______________________ out to other couples.


I’ve been praying steadfastly for you since before this journey began, and have been ever so sensitive to the Spirit as He has led in a different direction sometimes that I would thought would be “just perfect” for us! Come talk with us tonight. By your mere presence, you’ll already be following some of the points we’re discussing! Looking forward to our time together!



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