Busy Mind; Deceptive Heart week 2 Sneak Peek


We too are personal beings, but unlike our infinite, self-sufficient, and perfect God, we are limited, dependent, and fallen. God is love; we need love. Whatever God does is significant; we have a need to do something significant.

Security: a convinced awareness of being unconditionally and totally loved without needing to change in order to win love, loved by a love that is freely given, that cannot be earned and therefore cannot be lost. This real kind of security cannot be created or provided by any human to the end in which we need it.

Significance: a realization that I am engaged in a responsibility or job that is truly important, whose results will not evaporate with time but will last through eternity, that fundamentally involves having a meaningful impact on another person, a job for which I am completely adequate. The source for this type of significance can only be given and achieved through a God Who created us with this need to begin with and will not be provided by any human to the extent to which we need it.

**Excited to meet with our single ladies this evening! Such wonderful Truth to shed on their hearts and opportunity for them to let the Truth of His provision of security and significance to soak into their hearts. Don’t let your mind work tirelessly and spin your already deceptive heart, get relief and wisdom for the days ahead in your relationships. **



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