Busy Bag Swap for MOPs

Busy Bag Exchange: Preschool Bags from Second Story Window

(Second Story Window post above-click on picture above)

We are about to start preparing and planning for a busy bag at our MOP’s group at The Church at Sheppard. I have compiled a Pinterest Board entitled “Busy Bag Swaps” that you can get to by clicking here.   Below, I have posted more links than you could ever possibly look at to get ideas of some possible busy bags to make for our swap!

Here are the links::::

second story window       growing a jeweled rose         money saving mom           engaging toddler activities          mama says sew       our life styled

Here is how the swap will work!

1. Pick the busy bag you would like to produce multiple times.

2. Email me (Melissa Sharp) at sharp.mrs@gmail.com with your selection (by Monday April 29 to ensure everyone has plenty of time to prepare) and wait for a reply from me with confirmation that your selection hasn’t already been taken by another participant. The email will also contain the final number of bags you need to produce (this number will directly correlate with how many participants we have–everyone gets one of your bags).

3. Make your activities, place in a container such as a Ziploc bag, and include directions for the activity, as well as age appropriateness.

4. Attend MOP’s on May 16 and be prepared to demonstrate your busy bag activity. Bring them in a large bag or tote and bring an extra bag or tote to take your activities home in (do not plan on using the same bag or tote, your activities will remain in the bag or tote while you’re gathering the bags others have made).


If you have questions, please contact me at sharp.mrs@gmail.com and I will help you with whatever I can. I’m looking forward to this fun time and can’t wait to have lots of fun stuff for my babies this summer!


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